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Touch of The Heart Housing 

When looking for a place to live let Touch of The Heart Housing help our team specializes in community building.

Qualifications or listed below: 


You must contribute 30% of your monthly income towards rent. The voucher will cover the rest.

You must re-certify each year to keep your housing voucher.

Case management is an important part of the program, and you will need to participate.

1. How it Works

Touch of The Heart Housing helps veterans and their families who are homeless find and keep permanent housing. Veterans get a Section 8 rental voucher that helps pay for a place to live. VA case managers can also connect veterans with other supportive services.

Supportive housing for homeless veterans

Giving back to our veterans and their family's is our mission at Touch of The Heart Housing  

What our customers are saying

Touch of The Heart Housing healed me and family when I thought I would have to take my wife and two kids to a homeless shelter I Touch of The Heart Housing and someone came to us the same day they put us up in a hotel into the social worker found us a place to live. They even helped me, and my wife find a job we both love. Because of Touch of The Heart Housing, I am able to take care of my family Thank you to the team that give there all in helping my family.

Timmy Brown- 2021

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